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Tim was born in Mombasa and educated at boarding school in the Usambara Mountains of Tanzania and then in Nairobi before leaving Kenya for England to continue his education. However, his early years spent exploring the bush whilst living in a remote house on the coast resulted in a deep affinity with nature and Africa: he returned to Kenya in 1981. 

Since his return Tim has travelled extensively throughout Africa. He has been on a plethora of safaris, including camel walks through wild and uninhabited northern areas, fishing on remote lakes such as Lake Turkana, and tracking the gorillas and chimpanzees in Rwanda and Tanzania. East Africa has been synonymous with safaris for decades and has an incredible diversity of landscapes, birds, animals and cultures. East Africa is a land of contrasts from the vast grassy savannas, to the snow capped mountain peaks, the white sandy beaches and the Great Rift Valley. Tim is a partner of The Original Ker & Downey Safaris who outfit all of his mobile tented camps. "Working with only the very best guides The Original Ker & Downey outfits and organises safaris throughout East Africa for film companies, corporations and private individuals."

Tim has always been actively involved in wildlife conservation and responsible tourism and today he supports community based conservation and eco-tourism initiatives. He has become involved with projects such as providing health care, building schools, and water and conservation education. Tim is on the Amboseli Committee which works together with the Maasai community in order to help achieve these goals.  

Tim's dedication, professionalism and love of the wild make him an entertaining and informative guide. The combination of his flexible and easy-going disposition and a natural affinity with children has earned him a reputation as the ideal family guide.

Tim is married to Diana and they work together running their safari business. They have two sons, Max and Angus, who have grown up in Kenya and spent much of their lives on safari.

Contact Tim    Tel: +254 713747464    Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.