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Mobile camping is the essence of safari. Our tents are light, comfortable and spacious and offer unparalleled luxury with crisp cotton sheets, piping hot showers and fitted safari bathrooms. Very little rivals falling asleep under canvas, listening to the night sounds of Africa in the seclusion of your own private wilderness.

On safari your days are flexible, whether energetic or restful, and you dictate the pace of each day. There will be adventure, fun and discovery, interspersed with delicious meals and great conversations around the campfire.

We also stay in select, exclusive lodges which offer variety to your African journey, and a couple of nights in a lodge is enough time to allow the camp to move to your next destination.

Tim's crew has worked with him throughout his guiding career and most of them have been involved in the safari business all their lives. They are an integral part of your adventure, setting up camp, preparing your meals and looking after your every need.

Contact Tim    Tel: +254 713747464    Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.