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“Many thanks for the most memorable ten days of my life. Your wonderful staff made our camp experience so comfortable and relaxing. The safari I will never forget.”

“Thank you for yet another life altering experience. I speak for all of us when I say your work generates an experience that is much more and much deeper than just seeing the amazing natural spectical that is your office. We cannot thank you enough for your hard work and dedication. This experience has brought us much closer as a family, and has opened our eyes to current world issues.”

“Tim, we hoped this would be the trip of our lifetime- you made it so.”

“Thanks to everyone for a fabulous 13 days. It was truly the best and what a way for 3 generations to spend so much time together.” Martha & Paul Gaffney

"Our African Safari experience exceeded all of our expectations by leaps and bounds..we will forever remember the conversations and laughter, along with the amazing landscapes and wildlife." Carey & Blake Hastings

"Wonderous, breath taking, fun, silly and adventurous all wrapped into one. Your team made this an absolute pleasure and a memory of a lifetime." Chandler Williamson

"You came highly recommended from several friends, but I could not have imagined the trip to be as spectacular as it was." Ron & Kelly Lloyd

"Within minutes of departing the plane we found our first elephant. It was a fantastic start to a miraculous journey." Tom, Patty, Abby & Henry Crawford

"The Grants had a fabulous time! You made the impossible possible- five little kids on safari! Everything was perfect and we had the trip of a lifetime!" The Grant family

"With other companies always rushing off to somewhere else we just followed what Saalash our guide advised us to do and we were rewarded with a curious cheetah playing with the car (everyone else had gone), a pack of lions hunting and killing wildebeest (80% of companies were gone) and a fantastic river crossing (80% of companies were gone). The emotions we experienced through all of this are impossible to write about." Simon & Caroline Atley 

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