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Angus Melesi

Angus Melesi, a safari guide and conservationist with a strong connection to the Kenyan bush and wildlife. Raised in a family deeply entrenched in the safari industry, Angus developed a passion for nature from an early age.


Growing up amidst the awe-inspiring landscapes of Kenya, Angus spent his formative years exploring the wilderness alongside his parents. This childhood exposure instilled in him a profound respect for nature and a desire to protect its fragile ecosystems.


Seeking to make a tangible impact in wildlife conservation, Angus pursued a career as a bush pilot. His work involved supporting various conservation initiatives, from anti-poaching patrols to wildlife surveys. Whilst challenging, his time as a pilot provided invaluable insights into Kenya's conservation efforts.


Expanding his horizons, Angus ventured into flying safaris, medical evacuations and humanitarian missions. His aviation skills proved essential in providing logistical support to remote communities and facilitating wildlife research expeditions.


Eventually Angus returned to the safari industry, joining his family's business. Drawing on his experience as a pilot and conservationist, he now guides and accompanies guests on safari  sharing his knowledge of the bush and wildlife with them.


His dedication to wildlife conservation remains unwavering and, as a safari guide, he offers guests a glimpse into Kenya's wilderness, highlighting its natural beauty while recognising the ongoing conservation efforts needed to protect it.

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